Annual Report 2018
Sustainability at Bittium in 2018
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Sustainability at Bittium

Bittium is a global technology company and responsibility covers its products and services as well as its way of creating value for the surrounding society.

Our sustainability is based on the company´s strategy and values. We pay actively attention to our focus areas that are important for us. These focus areas are:

  • innovative and developing people;
  • confidential customer relationships and secure products; and
  • corporate citizenship and responsible business practices.

Our most important assets are our talented people, diverse and non-discriminatory working community as well as our personnel´s well-being and competence.

We offer our employees challenging and motivating tasks. We are committed to support their development and invest in their well-being. We cherish open company culture and good working atmosphere.

We are reliable and trustworthy partner for all our stakeholders. Company´s ethical principles and Code of Conduct guide our operations with all stakeholders. In customer relationships the responsibility is captured in the way we work and in the quality of our products, as well as in the confidentiality in the relationship. One of the key cornerstones of our company is trust.

Responsibility is the basis of our operations. It supports us in the risk management, and is an important value and competitive advantage for us. Sustainability follows us through long-term value creation.